Welcome to the Master Disciples Academy Online!


What is the Master Disciples Academy?

The Master Disciple Academy is a new way of doing Bible Study. We have recalibrated the entire Bible Study Program and replaced it with the Master Disciples Academy.

How Does the Master Disciples Academy Work?

Modules, made up of at least 8 courses, will be offered for set periods of time. Within that time frame individuals will be asked to complete a certain number of courses (Example: 8 out of 10 courses).

What Happens When Courses are Completed?

When courses are completed, individuals who have met the module requirement will receive a certificate. After a module is completed a new module will be offered.

How are Courses offered?

Courses will be offered in person at the Gethsemane Baptist Church Main Location  or  at the Gethsemane Baptist Church South Location. Courses will also be offered online.

How do I Participate?

To participate, simply complete a registration form after service on Sunday mornings at the Registrar's table or register right here online. To obtain information on onsite courses and to register for courses onsite click the mDisciple Academy Onsite button below. To obtain information on online courses and to register for courses online click the mDisciple Academy Online button below.