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Module 2

Breaking the Bondage of Debt

The courses in this module are designed to be helpful and practical courses that disciples can apply to their personal finances. The completion of seven courses of interest should assist individuals in breaking the bondage of debt. Participants will be equipped to be better stewards over the monetary resources that God provides. They will also be guided in ways to tap into God's plan for their prosperity.

To complete this module, one must take seven (7) out of nine (9) courses. A person may take all nine (9) courses if they choose. There will be one (1) 30 minute course offered in each session in October and two (2) 30 minute courses offered in November.

Course Descriptions 


Course 1: BBD 101 - 5 Steps to Eliminating Debt

Video presentation - Craig Hill studies the biblical origin of debt and offers 5 practical steps on becoming debt free.


Course 2: BBD 102 - Strategies That Will Change Your Financial Life

This course provides 10 easy-to-implement financial strategies to get you back on track towards financial freedom. By Lee Jenkins


Course 3: BBD 103 - 11 Questions to Ask Ourselves About Debt

Randy Alcorn shares several questions we should ask ourselves before making the decision to go into debt.


Course 4: BBD 104 - 6 Steps to Overcoming Debt

God wants us to have more freedom because of our financial situation, not be burdened by it. Debt is common but it doesn't need to be certain. Living in debt is being controlled by money rather than having control over it. When we owe somebody money, we are financially chained to an obligation (Proverbs 22:7).


Course 5: BBD 105 - 3 Financial Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now & 4 Simple Rules to Stay Out of Credit Card Debt

This course is designed to be successful at managing and winning with money.


Course 6: BBD 106 - How to Get Out of Debt with the Debt Snowball Plan

Take control of your money instead of watching your hard-earned cash disappear month after month. Learn the debt snowball and follow the plan for paying off debt. 


Course 7: BBD 107 - 7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Living

Learn characteristics that are super important when it comes to becoming debt-free.


Course 8: BBD 108 - You've Made the Decision to Get Out of Debt. So, Now What?

Discover the first step toward saying goodbye to debt!


Course 9: BBD 109 - Financial Freedom

Discover four qualities which God wants to enhance in the life and finances of every believer.