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Module 2

Breaking the Bondage of Debt


Coming January 2018

Module 3

Get Unstuck

"Am I Doing What I was Made to Do?"

The module, Get Unstuck, is drawn from Stephen Blandino’s book entitled, “Do Good Works: Am I Doing What I Was Made To Do?” This module from Blandino addresses the questions, “Why am I Here?” and “What has God called me to do?” If you have ever felt stuck in life, maybe it’s because you have yet to discover your God created purpose. If you are still growing and unfolding in your purpose, this course will help you to further clarify God’s work in your life. This module will contain four weeks of courses followed by two weeks of practical clinics where each person will do assessments that are designed to help them discover exactly where they belong and God’s plan for their life.

To complete this module, one must take six (6) out of eight (8) courses and one (1) work clinic. A person may take all eight (8) courses if they choose and both of the work clinics offered. There will be two (2) 30 minute course offered in each session in January and two (2) work clinics offered in January and February. A certificate in Discovering Your Purpose will be awarded to each person who completes at least six (6) courses.

Courses are offered at various times, different locations and on-line. 

Course 1: GU 301 - Good Works - This course will seek to help students gain clarity and affirmation regarding the WHY for which God has created them.

Course 2: GU 302 - You Were Created ON Purpose- In this course, students can expect to learn the four stages of life’s purpose and the order in which they belong.

Course 3: GU 303 - You Were Cultivated FOR Purpose- This course will be a major step in helping to get unstuck from the past or unwanted experiences that may have once held us captive. Get ready to be set free.

Course 4: GU 304 - You Were Crafted WITH Purpose - This course builds upon the previous course and encourages us to ask the right question. In most cases, individuals ask what is my purpose? This course suggests that a better question may be, how has God designed me?

Course 5: GU 305 - You Were CALLED TO Purpose - This course will seek to clarify the meaning of the word “calling”. We will learn the three ways in which God reveals His calling in our lives.

Course 6: GU 306 - Turning Ten Facts into One Focus - For those who have gone through the previous courses, one through five, there were ten pieces of a puzzle identified. This course will focus on how to take the ten pieces of the puzzle and make one statement that will help to clarify one’s purpose.

Course 7: GU 307 - “Flourish” Matching Your Good with God’s Role - In this course the student will learn what a role is and what a role is not. He or she will discover the four types of roles through which one may express his or her God-given purpose.

Course 8: GU 308 - Empowered to Do Good Works - God gives us purpose before we are born. Coming into God’s purpose requires moving in God’s timing. Learn to resist the temptation to fulfill your purpose in your own power.

Work Clinic: GU 1 - Pain, Experience, and Destiny Markers Good Works Puzzle - This exercise will help one to understand how God cultivated them for purpose by answering questions to the pieces of the puzzle studied during the previous courses.

Work Clinic: GU 2 - Personality, Spiritual Gifts, Abilities/Skills, Knowledge and Passion - This exercise will help one to understand how God crafted them with purpose by completing a spiritual gift’s assessment.


Classes will be available beginning Monday, January 8, 2018.

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