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Module 4

March Madness


Team “Course” Schedule


First Round -Week One 

Singles Course: 3 Important Questions for Your Single Years - God has given you your single years for a reason, so don’t squander them.

Couples Course: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Colder - Most couples call each other “beloved” and “friend” when they stand at the altar. But as the years roll along, it’s easy to take each other for granted. The same thing can happen in other relationship, too.

General Course: 8 Lessons Jesus Taught Us about Relationships - When we read the Bible and learn more about who Jesus is, we see how important relationships are to Him. Jesus showed us the importance of relationships in what He said and the way He lived His life.


Second Round -Week Two

Singles Courses:

  1. Alone But Not Lonely - When we have a personal relationship with God, we find that we have found the key to being alone but not lonely.
  2. The Battle for Purity -What does it really mean to “resist” temptation? Learn how to become a victor in the battle for purity.
  3. Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely - Let the loneliness you feel turn into compassion for other lonely people, and then decide to do something about it!

Couples Courses:

  1. Your Key to A Great Marriage - True contentment and life is found in Christ and the abundant life is live in the Spirit instead of in the flesh.
  2. Deactivating the Bomb Before it Explodes - Oneness in marriage means that a husband and wife are headed in the same direction at the same time for the same reasons. This course focuses on how to deactivate the bombs that threaten oneness.

General Course: 7 Ways You Can Make Relationships the Best Part of Life - Relationships don’t just happen; they are built. And they are the best part of life when they are built on the love of God.


Third Round- Week Three

Singles Courses:

  1. All the Single Ladies - What will you have to show with the years God has given you when you are no longer single?
  2. All the Single Men Locker Room Talk: Every Man Needs a Jerk in His Life - We many not like to be corrected or told we’re wrong, but there are reasons why we need “jerks” in our lives. Believe it or not, they can help us grow.

Couples Courses:

  1. Married Ladies: 6 Top Needs of a Husband - Learn the top 6 needs of a man.
  2. Married Men: A Husband’s Light Bulb Moment about His wife and Himself - A husband shares his story about the negative patterns of communication in his marriage and how God opened his heart. Learn about his story, and strengthen the bond between you and your spouse.

General Course: 6 Questions to Ask Every Time You Post - While there are many benefits of living in a hyper-connected world, there are also unique challenges. Here are five things to keep in mind when using social media.


Fourth Round - Week Four

Couples Courses:

  1. The Church and “The Singles” - This lesson discusses singleness, marriage, and the church’s involvement.
  2. Make Your Single Years Significant - Are you a single girl? Here are five strategies for living with purpose as a single girl.
  3. If God Loves Me, Why Am I Still Single? - You may never know why God is delaying marriage, but rest assured that as His child, He has not forsaken you!
  4. One Step Plan to Overcome Temptation - When sexual temptation stares you in the face, flee! It is the most spiritual thing you can do.

Couples Courses:

  1. 5 Truths about Being a Teenager - As a teen, you’re traveling the road between childhood to adulthood. Your teen years are some of the most exciting yet confusing times. Here are 5 universal truths about being a teenager.
  2. Auto correct? - Rather than rely on a fallible “auto correct” feature for your mouth, why not trust the always-reliable “Spirit-correct” feature?
  3. 3 Guidelines for a Strong Marriage - This lesson offers husbands and wives three guidelines for developing a stronger marriage.
  4. 7 Things No One Told Me about Marriage - Many people say that marriage is all downhill after the wedding. It’s actually quite the opposite, but only if you want it to be.
  5. 7 Suggestions for the First Seven Years of Marriage - It’s common for marriages to fail in the 7th year. This lesson provides specific advice for new marriages.

General Course: “I’ll Only Do It This One Time” - Faith in Christ sets you free from sin. But to enjoy life, you must exercise and apply your faith to your daily decisions and circumstances.

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